New Security Settings Issued by Microsoft Outlook Sync

This article provides the information and steps to complete the required update from Microsoft for use of the Autosync service for Outlook Calendar and Contacts in WeOpportunity. Microsoft has issued new security requirements.

The main requirements of this setup are as follows:

1. WeEstimate Version 6.3 or later

2. The new Autosync Files

3. Azure Active Directory

WeEstimate Version 6.3 or later:

As of writing this article all Clients should be on version 6.0 or higher. Please contact to schedule an update. Release notes can be found here -

The New Autosync Files:

The new Autosync files will be installed upon request by contacting The files will be installed on your Web server or where IIS resides. WeSuite requires access to your application in order to complete the installation.

Azure Active Directory:

IMPORTANT! As of October 1st 2022, Microsoft is removing Basic Authentication for it's applications and environments and requiring new authentication methods. Please review the article from Microsoft here -

**If you currently use Azure Active Directory, please skip the below section**

Setup and Implementation of Azure Active Directory:

Setup of the Microsoft Exchange Server requires you to first register your application. You can do so by using this link - Microsoft Azure Setup. Please note, if you already have an Azure account you can simply log in and follow the directions.


Before the application is registered, please ensure you are operating under a valid Tenant. If one isn't available, create one, as the application operates under a single Tenant.


After the application is registered, it will obtain  an "Authorization Code" from Azure. After the Authorization Code Once is created, the Autosync will create a file which contains the necessary tokens to connect to the server.


Autosync Information Requirements:

After the Azure Active Directory is set up, Wesuite will need the following information from you:

1. Client Id

2. Tenant Id

3. Client Secret

4. Redirect URL

Client Id and Tenant Id are found in the "Overview Section" -


Client Secret is found in the "Certificates & Secrets" section. Simply click on the "Copy to Clipboard" button for easy access -


The Redirect URL is found in the admin center - 


This information is stored within our application and files -


If Exchange is used Wesuite needs your OWA URL.


WeOpportunity My Settings for Users:

After the above is completed, enter your User email address within My Settings in WeOpportunity. 

In "My Settings" go to the "Auto Sync Settings" tab and click "Edit." Enter your email address (the password can be blank) and click "Authenticate." Make sure "Auto Sync My Appointments" is enabled. After all information is complete, click "Save." 


Lastly, in the "My Settings" tab within "My Settings," make sure "Share My Calendar" is enabled -


After the information is set and the sync service has run (the standard is about 5 minutes) your appointments will show in your global schedule -








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