QuoteAnywhere 3.0 Hardware & Software Requirements & DocuSign Integration

WeSuite Version:

  • WeSuite Version 6.0 or higher

Other WeSuite Applications:

  • WSAPI (To be deployed by WeSuite)


  • IIS Version 8.0 or higher
  • Valid SSL Certificate (Site must run under HTTPS.)
  • Dynamic Content Compression enabled in the Server Manager
    Screen Shot 2022-04-15 at 1.47.36 PM.png
    Enable Dynamic Compression on the IIS server as well.
    Screen Shot 2022-04-15 at 2.01.24 PM.png

IIS Modules

  • URL Rewrite


  • 256 MB (512 MB recommended)

Operating Systems:

  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019


  • Administrative rights required during installation only

.NET Version:

  • Microsoft .NET 4.7.2

Crystal Reports Version:


Hard Disk Space:

  • 120 MB

Additional Resources:

  • IIS URL Rewrite install can be found here 
  • .NET 4.7 install can be found here 
  • Crystal Reports can be found here


  • If using iPads, users must have Google Chrome set as their default internet browser.

DocuSign Integration:


The integration between QA2.2 and DocuSign is different than existing integrations between other WeSuite products. The DocuSign SDK is used to handle all the heavy lifting for communication between WeSuite and DocuSign. New tables have been created in the database to manage and store data related to the electronic signature (eSign) processes.


This integration allows users to create and manage their eSignature work flows. The objective of this document is to give insight on how the integration works along with a list of features and limitations that are currently supported. This document can also be used to help troubleshoot errors with the integration.

List of Features:

  • Consolidated Contracts (Demo of workflow)

    • Allows the user to consolidate contracts into one envelope

  • Non-Consolidated Contracts (Demo of workflow)

    • Allows the user to select the 'Separate Document' button to send out documents separately

  • Recipient Selection/Configuration (Demo of workflow)

    • Allows the user to set the signees and alerts user if contact is missing
  • Recipients Re-Ordering (Demo of workflow)

    • Allows the user to reorder the signees on envelope 

  • Embedded Signing (Demo of workflow)

    • Allows recipients to sign directly on the device


  • Must have a DocuSign Account.
  • Documents are configured for DocuSign with proper recipients and signature anchors.
  • Documents generate to PDF successfully.
  • DocuSign Connect must be configured.
  • WSAPI must be running under port 80/443 in order for DocuSign Connect to communicate properly.

DocuSign Connect

  • Login to DocuSign Account.
  • Go to -> Settings -> Under Integrations Connect -> Connect Keys then Add New Key, this is the value to be placed in program option HMAC Signature.
  • Under Applications add configurations -> custom configuration
    • URL to Publish: https://<domain>/v2/docusign_connect/notifications
    • Event Message Delivery Mode -> Aggregate
    • Use the screen shots for the following options to also be configured:
      Screen Shot 2022-04-01 at 10.53.01 AM.pngScreen Shot 2022-04-01 at 10.53.10 AM.pngScreen Shot 2022-04-01 at 10.53.19 AM.png

Program Options

Name Value Side Effects
eSignature System DocuSign System will use DocuSign
DocuSign HMAC Signature Key generated From DocuSign Connect Used to authenticate requests from DocuSign to WSAPI
WeSuite Sandbox Environment True or False Depending on if the system is a sandbox env or not will determine which DocuSign URL we will use. True: https://demo.docusign.net/restapi  False: https://www.docusign.net/restapi . For sandbox and testing we don't want to hit the production URL because it will count towards their billing.


Here is a list of the new tables added, they are prefixed with 'eSign_'

Table Name Purpose
eSign_OrderType Static data for recipient order type, sequential or parallel.
eSign_RoleType Static data for recipient role type, signature, viewing, optional.
eSign_StatusType Static data for statuses, editable, queued, signing or signed.
eSign_SigningGroup Store info about signing groups for a quote package, this is the main table which has an ID that the other tables us as FK.
eSign_Proposal If proposal can be esigned it will be added here.
eSign_Contract Contracts to be esigned will be stored here.
eSign_Recipient store recipient information.
esign_DocuSignRecipientConfig linking table for the recipient and configuration template, this is how we know where each recipient signs on the document.

WeSuite Translation

WeSuite and DocuSign use a different set of statuses for recipients and envelopes. Use the dictionary below to see the translation.

WeSuite DocuSign
queued created
signing sent
signing delivered
signed signed
signed completed

WeSuite and DocuSign also use different terms for the type of recipient.
Looking at the DocuSign documentation you will see they support other recipient types that WeSuite is currently not supporting.
Use the dictionary below to see the translation.

WeSuite DocuSign
signature Signer
viewing Certified Delivery
optional Carbon Copy


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