IMPORTANT – TIME SENSITIVE!! DocuSign Changing Security Requirements

Effective Friday, September 1, 2022, DocuSign is requiring a new security authorization protocol: OAuth 2.0. For DocuSign integration with WeSuite to continue to function, the following items must be completed prior to Monday, August 22, 2022:

  1. Required: WeEstimate Production environment on version 6.6 or higher
    1. After logging in, the version number is visible screen top left of the application.
    2. To schedule an update, please contact immediately and no later than August 1st. This to allow time for testing application update in Sandbox prior to update to Production.
  2. System Administrators: schedule DocuSign configuration update with Support:
    1. A meeting to complete setup information on Client Sandbox.
    2. Following Sandbox setup, the integration will be confirmed working as expected.
    3. After confirmed, schedule time to move the new configuration to the Production environment.
    4. Please Note: there will be a window of ~1hour where the Production integration will not work until the new configuration is finalized.

To complete setup of the new DocuSign required OAuth 2.0 protocol, the following information from your DocuSign account is needed:

  1. DocuSign API AccountID
  2. DocuSign API Login

Both pieces of information can be found in the DocuSign Admin portal under:

Settings > Apps and Keys



Apps and Keys


Location of Required Information


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