How to Add and Modify Your Loss Reasons in WeEstimate

This article is a quick walkthrough on how to make changes to your loss reasons within WeEstimate. Please note that your user will need access to program options which is generally an admin right.


First, expand the "Tools" drop down and locate "Program Options."


Within "Program Options," look for the "Appearances" menu on the left side


Within appearances, you can control your item lists and the data they contain. In this case, you are going to expand the "Data List" drop down under the "Item Lists" tab and search for "Lost Reasons."


Once selected, you will see a list of your current loss reasons in your system.

To add an item, enter your reason in the "Enter Item Label Here" section and click the green and white plus.

2023-10-04_10-51-06 (1).gif

To edit existing reasons, simply double click on the reason you'd like to make changes to.

2023-10-04_10-47-39 (1).gif

To delete an existing reason, select the item and click the red "x"

2023-10-04_10-49-18 (1).gif


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