Default Document Check Boxes (System Wide)

Default check boxes at the system level are useful in the event that a user either forgets to select a check box template or has not created one, there is a standard set of check boxes that should be selected when creating and sending out a document.  Default check boxes can be applied to proposals and contracts.


To set up default check boxes, go to:

1. Tools > Program Options


2. Click on Document Items

3. Select document to be configured

4. On the bottom half of the screen, select the "Default" and/or "Hide" check box associated to the item

    - Default: When selected, item associated will be selected when creating a quote package

    - Hide: When selected, item associated will not be visible to a user upon creating a quote package.              Note: if a check box is hidden, the user will not be able to select/unselect at time of document                              generation


Document Pages also have the ability to be defaulted.  Follow Step 1 above.

2. Click "Document Pages"

3. Select the Document whose pages need to defaulted

4. Select "Default" and/or "Hide?" for the associated pages


In both categories, there is a column for "Disable"/"Enabled", this should not be toggled on or off without a WeSuite Team member as it may break the genereation of the document.

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