Mapping WeSuite items to Accounting items

The WeSuite - Sedona integration requires that anything in WeSuite has a link to a corresponding Sedona Item.  This is a guide on how to map WeSuite items to Sedona Items


Labor Categories

Each Labor Category defined in WeEstimate needs to be mapped to the like or appropriate Accounting Labor Category in SedonaOffice. When hours for Labor Categories are included on won Estimates in WeEstimate, those Labor Categories, hours and related cost/sell information is provided to SedonaOffice for use in job creation. The mapping of labor categories follows the same method used for mapping of other items in the “Items” drop down list.

To map labor categories in WeEstimate, go to Tools -> Program Options -> Accounting Interface -> Mappingsmceclip0.png

The column on the left are WeSuite Labor Categories, and the column on the right are Sedona Labor Task Types.  These need to be mapped so each WeSuite Labor Category Maps to a unique Sedona Labor Task.



To map Items, go to the Items tab to the right of the Labor tab.  Here you can map Parts, Charge Items, RMR, Labor, Test & Inspect, Wire, as well as "Special One Time" (things like Freight, Warranty, Tax, etc.).  The WeSuite Items are on the left, and the Sedona Items are on the right.  To map items, drag the WeSuite item to the bottom left section, then drag the corresponding Sedona item to the bottom right section and click "Map It!"



Chargeable Items and RMR

You can also map Chargeable Items and RMR items in the Tools -> Editors menu.  You will see a grid on the right side, and one of the columns will be "Accounting Link".  This column has a drop down with Sedona Items selectable to link each item to.mceclip3.pngmceclip4.png

After items are mapped, a map icon will appear next to each item in the Mapping Tool and at the Estimate screen, indicating that mapping has been completed from WeEstimate to Invoice Items in SedonaOffice.



Special One Time Items

These can only be mapped from within Program Options > Accounting Interface > Mappings > Items > choose Special One Time from dropdown.

Follow the process as shown in the Parts section above to map.

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