WeEstimate - Data List Walkthrough

Data lists are lists that populate in various portions within the application. They can appear on the New. Project Screen, the Estimate Forecast screen or the on the Estimate Screen.

Data Lists can be found by going to:

  1. Tools

  2. Program options

  3. Appearances

  4. Item lists tab


Once in the item lists tab, select the Data List you'd like to edit from the drop down.



Adding a New Datalist

To add a new datalist, click on the green "+." On the "New Data List Screen" you can name the data list as well as assign any default values. You can also make it required to have something filled in.


Adding an Option to a Datalist:

Once the list has been created, you can type the select-able options on the second search bar and than click the green "+." This will open the item insert list window in which you can click the "add" button to add the item to the data list.


To delete an option, select it from the grid and click the red "x."


Where a Data List Shows:

To control where a data list shows, click on the 2023-01-26_09-56-21.png icon. Within the "Data List Category Editor" window, you can select where the data list shows within the application by checking off one of the three options on the "available now" section. You can also double click the list name to rename it, click the check mark to disable it or the red "x" to delete it.


New Project Screen: Shows after you select your customer information and select new job information


Estimate Data List: Shows after the job has been created (Data Lists will only show on jobs made after it was made)


Estimate Forecast: Shows on the "Forecast" tab within the Estimate screen


Setting a Default Value:

To set a default value for a data list after it has been created, click on the 2023-01-26_10-06-38.png and select an option from the drop down tab. After that's been selected, click the "Save" button.


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